Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

NDIS Behaviour Support and Therapeutic Support Services

We provide specialist behaviour support services to children, young people and adults.   We are highly regarded for our services to those who have multiple and complex support needs, including mental health, inter-personal trauma, human relations or criminal justice issues.

We are trained in and committed to working from a Positive Behaviour Support approach, adopting evidence-based, person-centred, and strengths-based approaches to support.

We believe that supporting people to improve their quality of life, and to engage meaningfully in life is the most effective way to address behaviours of concern.

Our behaviour support services include:

  •  Undertaking relevant assessments
  •  Development of Behaviour Support Plans (BSPs)
  •  Training, advice, guidance and support to those implementing BSPs
  •  Ongoing monitoring, review and evaluation.


Our psychologists and consultants are experienced at undertaking assessments to inform and develop behaviour support plans. These assessments include:

Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)

An FBA aims to understand the functions of maladaptive behaviour (the purpose that such behaviours serve the person). Understanding the functions of behaviour can assist in developing strategies to reduce maladaptive behaviour and introduce effective supports.

Support Needs Assessment

The most useful and opportune time to provide a behaviour support needs assessment might be when an NDIS participant might not have adequate funding for specialist behaviour support (or, in the NDIS plan) and is expecting to have a review of the plan.

Adaptive Behaviour Assessment (ABA)

An ABA is used to understand a person’s level of functional independence, and to understand a person’s support needs (also useful for funding purposes)..

Other Specialised Assessments

We conduct forensic risk assessments for people involved in the criminal justice system or at risk of contact with the justice system, or subject to certain legal and civil detention orders (such as Supervised Treatment Orders under the Victorian disability legislation).

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